Our main services

E-shop Managment

One of our most popular services! We take care of your e-shop faster, better and more efficiently!

Elektroninių parduotuvių administravimas

Creating and managing advertising campaigns

We work with the most popular platforms!
"Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and remarketing solutions!

WEB Development services

Additional programming work on demand is significantly cheaper for our current customers.

Programavimo darbai

Why choose us?

Years of experience with various e-commerce engines and experience in adapting the latest e-commerce trends make us a reliable partner!

Highest safety standards!

Aukščiausi saugumo standartai!

Extremely fast work!

Itin greitai atliekami darbai!

We are available to our customers 24/7!

Klientams esame pasiekiami 24/7!

Significant increase in sales!

Our statistics

Šiek tiek statistikos, kurios pagalba bus lengviau susidaryti vaizdą apie mūsų įdirbį el.parduotuvių administravimo srityje…

E-shop orders serviced in the last month


Atsakytų el.parduotuvių klientų užklausų skaičius per praeitą mėnesį


Amount of inventory maintained in the previous month


Amount of promotional content in the last month



Contact details:
Romanas Krivenda
Mobile phone: +370-691-97635
Email: uzklausos@krd.lt

I can't decide if it's worth it...?

A short FAQ that answers your questions about deciding whether to buy services?

  • Kodėl Jūsų įmonei verta pirkti mūsų paslaugas?

    Almost always, the companies that buy our services see benefits in several places, i.e. the quality of the work is higher, and the work is done several times faster. They also save a lot of money that would have been spent on maintaining the employee's workplace.

  • Can we expect more services than e-shop administration?

    Yes, in many cases our clients buy more than just e-commerce managment services from us. Programming work, maintenance of advertising campaigns, communication with clients.

  • How are services paid for?

    Normally, payment for services is based on the agreed monthly rate for provided services. In other cases, we may agree an hourly rate or a 'per job' rate.